Team Knockout

New Format for 2019

  • 7 Teams of 3 anglers- teams drawn via seeded pots
  • Teams fish for league points across 3 matches
  • The best 5 league points, from a possible 9, from the team count towards the competition
  • After the round of 3 matches the team with the fewest points are knocked out!
  • After 4 rounds the final 3 teams will fish a semi final based on best 2 of 3 weight
  • The final 2 teams shall then fish a final based on best 2 of 3 weights.
Round 1Greenhills / Jam Factory / Larford7 teams 1 KO
Round 2Moorlands Farm / Hawford Bridge / KC
6 teams 1 KO
Round 3Cob House / Greenhills / Jam Factory
5 teams 1 KO
Round 4Lower Park / Larford / Tirley
4 teams 1 KO
Round 5Willow Marsh
3 teams 1 KO
Round 6Hillview2 teams 1 winner
1Michael Bryant, Keith Holt and Trevor Morrey31
2Stu Cholerton, Rob Grubb and Nigel Hobday26
3Glenn Butt, Matt Barnes and Kevin Morris25
4Darren Bryant, Steve Thompson and Gary Watling33
5Dave Warren, Gareth Manton and Carl Graham31
6Mick Watling, Graham Goodyear and Trevor Davis23
7Dean Grubb, Hodgie and Pete Bryant22 (KO)