Venue Guide

Lower Park – Pebble and Highland

This was a new venue last year and gave us 2 very good days fishing. This year we have the very exciting opportunity to fish their premier match lakes this season. The stocking of this pool is mainly F1 hybrids with a number of barbel and ide.  Fishing up higher in the water column scores well with pellets and maggot.

Larford Lakes – Match Lake (Grass bank)

We return to this venue again, after fishing match lake in 2017 and specimen lake in 2018, this we fish the both in one season. The last match we fished on this water was tough for most, with 112lb falling to the method feeder, however the lake has been extensively stocked since. Big weights of carp are to be expected, coming from the feeder or bomb and later on in the day falling to pole tactics. Expect a busy last hour down the edge.

Willow Marsh – Dragonfly Pool

A new venue for the 2019 season. The fish average 8lb+ in this water and so you will need to be prepared for some mammoth scraps. Summer weights are impressive, however you will not need many fish to amass a weight. Meat, corn and paste tend to be the most popular baits pole fished 4m-8m with the margins also producing later on in your session.

Moorlands Farm – Meadow Pool (pegs 1-30)


Also a new venue and one that promises some excellent sport. The fishery was one of the original commercial fisheries built in the early 90s. The pegs we fish are the top of the picture, which include the fliers on the point of the first bay (pegs 12-14). All pegs are capable of good weights. All methods work; the bomb and pellet on the tip rod, pole and pellet shallow, corn and paste on the pole and then the margins also produce throughout the day on some pegs.

Hillview – Canals 2/3/4

Another new venue for the 2019 season is the prolific Hillview lakes’ canals. We are fishing the back 3 canals 2, 3 and 4. Each are the same size and contain the same stocking levels. The middle of the canals are often the best places to get a draw but a busy day will be had on all pegs. Small F1 hybrids, stocky carp and silvers are abundant. The far bank is an obvious feature being 11m-13m away. Fishing tight to the bank with pellet, maggot or worm will catch fish all day. Fish are then found later in the day closer to the nearside bank.

Greenhills – New Pool
This lake can be prolific with fish coming on the short pole and margins on pellet and corn in the summer. The fish can back off so prepare to follow them out with more sections of pole during the day.

Hawford Bridge – Redding’s
The lake was restocked recently with small carp. These can be caught on pellet and maggot both on the deck and up in the water. Be prepared for a busy day!

Jam Factory – Ash
The lake holds some big carp. Weights in the summer are taken off the short pole and margins using pellet and paste, corn or dead maggots.

Jam Factory – Sycamore
A new pool to this year. Very deep like all of the lakes on the venue. Carp will often be seen cruising in warm weather and can be caught shallow. Later in the day fish will be caught on the short pole and don’t ignore the margins!

KC Fishery – Hunters and Pony Having only fished hunters pool twice it is difficult to say the best methods of fishing it. Standard commercial approaches fishing pellet up and down the water and coming in to the sides later in the day seems to work. The locals often catch on banded 8mm pellet over a bed of micro pellets.

Larford Lakes – Specimen lake (Chalet bank) The jewel in the crown as I consider it. Having spent a lot of time at the venue this is my favourite lake and my favourite bank. Huge carp (I’ve had them to 29lb on a summer festival) and big shoals of bream dominate. The method, bomb and waggler will all work on their day. Fish can also be caught short and down the margins on the right pegs. Pellet is dominant on the bomb and waggler. Whilst fishing a bunch of worms over a bed of ground bait will see you connect with some of the lakes monsters during the later part of the match.

Greenhills – Old Pool
This is one of my favourite lakes to fish. Pellet, corn and maggot are the best baits and if you draw on fish you will catch them at 5m and down the edge. The pellet shallow will also see you catch fish during the middle of the match.

Tirley – Pete’s Lake An old favourite and on it’s day it can be prolific. Pellet, meat and paste all do well on the short pole. Shallow tactics also work in the summer. We fish the venue into the autumn which will require a more delicate approach if the weather has turned so expander over micros on the deck may need to be employed.

Cob House – WyattsThe venue has changed somewhat over the years. It is not as prolific as it once was however the fish will still be caught close into the nearside bank. However the fish are larger in the lake now and probably average over 6lb/7lb. Pellet, paste and corn will all catch you fish.