Match Results

8th July 2018 – Cob House, Wyatt’s pool

The heat wave continues! A great match with 10 of the 16 anglers weighing in over a ton, total weight between 16 anglers was 1696lb and the average weight for anglers being 106lb. Hodgie won the match, although he went over in all 3 nets . 2nd Place was Darren Bryan from the next peg 9 with . Both caught all day in the margins and short on pellet, corn and paste. Section 1 also contained 3rd place with Stu Cholerton from peg 3 on the method feeder. 4th on the day from an absolute screamer of an end peg with fish showing everywhere was Vic Watling – goes to show even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut!!

1st: Hodgie 180lb

2nd: Darren Bryant 174lb 14oz

3rd: Stu Cholerton 169lb 11oz

Section Winners: Dean Grubb 140lb 2oz, Prick Watling 147lb 8oz and Mike Bryant 138lb 12oz


30th June 2018 – Jam Factory, sycamore pool

Scorccio!!! Red hot conditions as it has been for over 2 weeks, the talk was of mugging cruising fish before the match however there were very little cruisers to be seen, the carp now getting used to the heat and hopefully starting to get on the feed! Darren drew permanent peg 23 and fished between the short pole at 6m and down the inside margins on pellet and corn. His weight comprised of mainly the smaller stamp of fish. The margins were the best line on the day with a few fish coming out on short pole and shallow also.

1st: Darren Bryant 81lb 12oz

2nd: Mike Spragg 79lb

3rd: Stuart Cholerton 68lb 8oz

Section Winners: Matt Barnes 67lb 4oz, Hodgy 47lb and Carl Graham 55lb 10oz

17th June 2018 – Larford Lakes, specimen lake

With conditions getting hotter and the venue fishing strangely this was going to be tough in places. The winner caught on pellet waggler and caught most of his fish when drawing the float into his feed. Gaz blew the rest of the field away from peg 68 to win by over 50lb. Other weights came from fishing the bomb and pellet, method feeder and the short pole with pellet and corn.

1st: Gary Watling 107lb 11oz

2nd: Michael Bryant 52lb 06oz

3rd Matt Barnes 47lb 11oz

Section Winners: Pete Bryant 42lb 02oz, Carl Graham 30lb and Mike Spragg (Double default) 23lb 12oz



3rd June 2018- Greenhills old pool:

A tough match for most with red hot temperatures and bright sunlight. Carp were swimming around the surface of the lake at the start of the match however were being very tricky to catch. The winning weight was caught fishing pellet up in the water at 14m. Other anglers had some success in the margins and fishing to the island.

1st: Matt Barnes 140lb 11oz

2nd: Mike Spragg 62lb

3rd: Mick Watling 52lb 80z

Section winners: Hodgey 31lb 4oz, Dave Warren 45lb 10oz and Steve Thompson 24lb 8oz

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